Archive: 2016

On this page you will find news stories and articles showcasing the awesome people who live in and around Southland.



Southern diabetic cyclist training with American team


While most athletes watch what they eat, Southland cyclist Hamish Beadle takes it to the next level.

Swimmers something special


A record number of more than 100 Special Olympic competitors, from seven schools in the lower South Island, turned out to show off their swimming skills at Splash Palace in...

One-handed inspiration chops up competition


Competitive woodchopping is a tough sport, relying on strength, accuracy and style. Various styles were on show at this year’s Canterbury A&P Show in Christchurch, but none quite like Nick Fredriksen.

Rescued dog saves her owner's life again and again!


Just like many dogs, when Maddy rests her head on her owner’s chest, she listens to his heart and to his breathing.